20th Century Pleyel Cross-Strung Chromatic Harp Restoration

I recently purchased an early 20th century Pleyel cross-strung chromatic harp (serial # 460). Pleyel was originally a French piano company which was founded in 1807 by the composer/pianist Ignace Pleyel (1757-1831). Pleyel pianos were the choice of composers such as Debussy, Ravel, de Falla, and Stravinsky, and Pleyel pianos are still made in France to this day.

Pleyel Restoration

John Westling is still making harps. With Pleyels being so rare in this country it's difficult to find anyone who has ever worked on one before. Westling has restored other pedal harps and he makes great cross-strung harps so I figured he would be a logical choice to do the restoration on my Pleyel if he was agreeable to doing it (plus he's a friend and I own 2 of his harps).

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