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Classical Cross-strung Vol. 2

Classical Cross-strung Vol. 2

Classical Cross-strung Vol. 1

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The title of this book applies to selections that could be considered “classics”, not a particular historical period in music. Pieces were selected from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic and modern periods of musical history. Selections were chosen for their beautiful melodies as well as for their ability to be played on a cross-strung harp with few problems. In some cases, pieces were selected that would be almost impossible to play on either pedal or lever harps because of the chromatic nature of the music. Composers represented in this book include Haydn, Debussy, Beethoven, Handel, Satie, Mozart, Chopin, Dowland and others.


Allegro in F Major/Franz Haydn
Arabesque/Friedrich Burgmuller
Beautiful Dreamer/Stephen Foster
Bourree/Johann Kirnberger
Canzonetta/Victor Hollaender
Clair de Lune/Claude Debussy
Clement's Squirill/Anonymous
The English Hunt's Up/John Whitfield
The Entertainer/Scott Joplin
Fur Elise/Ludwig van Beethoven
Gigue/George Frideric Handel
Goe No More A-Rushing/Anonymous
Gymnopedie #1/Eric Satie
Gymnopedie #2/Eric Satie
Gymnopedie #3/Eric Satie
Melody in F/Anton Rubinstein
Mexican Hat Dance/Felice Partichala
Minuet in G/Ludwig van Beethoven
Minuet in F/Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Orlando Sleepeth/John Dowland
Over The Waves/J. Rosas
Parade of the Tin Soldiers/Leon Jessel
Peter and the Wolf/Sergei Prokofieff
Prelude/Frederic Chopin
Rustic Dance/C.R. Howell
Sarabande/George Frideric Handel
The Sinkapace Galliard/Anonymous
Solfeggietto/C.P.E. Bach
Song of India/Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakoff
Spinning Song/Albert Ellmenreich


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